Aldine Mail Route Drainage Improvements

Project Name : Aldine Mail Route Drainage Improvements


Harris County Precinct 2 selected Gauge Engineering for the full roadway and drainage reconstruction of Aldine Mail Route from west of Slater Lane to east of the Aldine Westfield Road intersection. The existing road is a narrow 2-lane asphalt road with open ditch on both sides and inadequate poor sidewalks. Below is a summary of the improvements:

  • Detailed drainage analysis of the neighborhood north of Aldine Mail Route. The adjacent neighborhood was a well-documented high risk flood zone having flooded in significant events in 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  The drainage study consisted of a complex and thorough 2D analysis of the neighborhood and drainage system. The analysis identified the causes of flooding as excessive off-site overland sheetflow from adjacent tracts, and inadequate conveyance from the area to Halls Bayou.  (Note, the planning drainage analysis was a key factor in securing CDBG grant funding for the project).
  • Coordinated with HCFCD P118-21-00 bond project to improve drainage regionally.
  • Final drainage configuration included large 8-ft x 5-ft reinforced concrete storm sewers.
  • Reconstruct roadway to an undivided 5-lane concrete curb and gutter roadway. The proposed lane configuration includes two lanes in each direction with a continuous two-way left-turn lane in the center.
  • To promote a pedestrian friendly environment and encourage pedestrians to use Aldine Mail Route to access Keith Weiss Park south of the project, the project included 6- and 8-FT sidewalks on the north and south side respectively.
  • Coordination with private utility companies to relocate power poles and other facilities to accommodate the new wider roadway configuration.
  • Assisted in coordinating the right-of-way acquisition and adjacent projects.

Extra Information

Location: Houston, TX

Client: Harris County Precinct 2 - Harris County Engineering Department

Services Provided: Planning, Preliminary Engineering Report and Full Engineering Design Services

Status: 100% Design completed, Construction Commences 2nd Quarter 2022

Construction Cost: $10 M