Briar Branch (W140-01-00) Channel & Straws Improvements

Project Name : Briar Branch (W140-01-00) Channel & Straws Improvements


The Briar Branch (W140-01-00) Channel and Straws Improvements project involves the construction of storm drainage improvements that reduce the risk of structural flooding in the Briar Branch area. The channel improvement project is approximately 6,200 feet long, from Gessner Road east to Oak Tree Drive, approximately 1,750 feet east of Bunker Hill Road.


The project objectives included:

  • Constructing box culverts ranging in size from 7-FT x 7-FT to 10-FT x 8-FT Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB) along the length of the system, effectively enclosing the channel
  • Storm Sewer (Straw) improvements consisting of approximately 2,600 linear feet of perpendicular improvements at five separate lateral locations along Briar Branch, from Gessner Road east to Confederate Lane.
  • Reconstruction of the Bunker Hill Road crossing at Briar Branch from dual 7-FT x 7-FT RCBs to triple 8’x8’ RCBs
  • Constructing a dual use access road for maintenance and recreational purposes
  • Two pedestrian and bicycle crossings at Witte Rd and Bunker Hill Rd.
  • Landscaping amenities which included tree and vegetation along the project limits
w140 (main)

Location: Houston, TX

Client: TIRZ 17/Memorial City Redevelopment Authority

Services Provided: Construction Management and Inspection and Construction Phase services.

Status: Complete

Construction Cost: $19.1 M