Waugh Drive/Commonwealth Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements

Project Name : Waugh Drive/Commonwealth Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements


The project is located in the Montrose area, within the limits of the TIRZ 27/Montrose Redevelopment Authority boundary. The project length is just over 2-miles long. The roadway corridor limits included:

  • Waugh Drive: from Westheimer Road to West Dallas Street
  • Commonwealth Street: from Yoakum Blvd to Haddon Street
  • Yoakum Blvd: from W Alabama Street to Westheimer Road


The purpose of this project was to improve bicycle safety and mobility, sidewalks, and pedestrian safety throughout the project corridor with special attention to intersections.

  • Improve Bicycle Safety & Mobility: Mill and overlay existing deteriorated asphalt pavement and re-stripe/reduce the roadway lanes to 10-FT to accommodate wider and safer bike lanes along the project corridor.
  • Improve Pedestrian Facilities: Incorporating continuous, uninterrupted, and wider sidewalks with City compliant curb ramps along the project corridors to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment.
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Location: Houston, TX

Client: TIRZ 27/Montrose Redevelopment Authority

Services Provided: Planning, Preliminary Engineering, Detail Design and Construction Oversight.

Status: Construction in Progress

Construction Cost: $2.9 M